The Family Tree of Fractal Curves
(A taxonomy of plane-filling curves using complex integer lattices)
by Jeffrey Ventrella

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Designing Fractal Curves with Five-Fold Rotational Symmetry
by Jeffrey Ventrella

(a paper published in Bridges, 2021)
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A curve that bends and curls at every level of maginifation is a fractal curve. It has a fractional dimension between 1 and 2, A curve which is so curvey that it essentially visits every point in a planar area is a spacefilling curve, and it defines a continuous mapping from a lower-dimensional space (a line) into a higher-dimensional space (a plane). Its dimension is 2. The fascinating thing about these curves is that they are self-similar and tiling by nature. There are infinitely many ways that fractal curves can be crafted so that they fill space. These ways can be expressed in elegant geometrical rules, as demonstrated by Koch Construction, the application of L-systems to Turtle Geometry, and Iterated Function Systems.

Viewing a space-filling curve with only a few levels of fractal recursion reveals the beautiful logic of its convoluted path. This page is dedicated to the awesome world of fractal curves, and the infinite ways a single curly line can fill the space between 1 and 2 dimensions.

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