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Two hundred pages of color images
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I want to thank Kirk Israel for reviewing the book and making several keen suggestions. Thanks also to Mirja Holmboe, Gary Walker, Beth O'Sullivan, Richard Montgomery, Portico Bowman, Hiroki Sayama, Eddie Elliot, Karl Stiefvater, Camp Wilson, Claudia L'Amoreaux, and Scott Kim. Thanks to Scott Bowling, brother Philip, and Wayne Bollinger for great fun and programming tips at the very start of this fractal journey. Thanks to professor Ed Zajec, who helped provide an intellectual foundation for making fractal art. Finally, I want to thank Nuala Creed for love and patience with my many obsessions, fractal and otherwise.

1 Horror Vacui     2 A Very Patient Turtle Who Draws Lines     3 A Taxonomy of Fractology     4 Gallery of Specimens
Root 2 Family Root 3 Family Root 4 Square Grid Family Root 4 Triangle Grid Family
Root 5 Family No Root 6! Root 7 Family Root 8 Family
Root 9 Square Grid Family Root 9 Triangle Grid Family Root 10 Family Root 12 Family
Root 13 Square Grid Family Root 13 Triangle Grid Family Root 16 Square Grid Family Root 16 Triangle Grid Family
Root 17 and Beyond... 5 My Brain Fillith Over 6 References Acknowledgements

Brain-filling Curves - A Fractal Bestiary
by Jeffrey Ventrella

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Copyright 2012 by Jeffrey Ventrella